More occurrences with more filters?

I’ve made two identical queries to download occurrences from a specific order (using rgbif) with the only difference being that in one ‘Has geospatial issue’ is set to false, see Download and Download. However, there seems to be some strange behavior, as the download with the extra filter seems to have more occurrences (6,776,512) than the download without this filter (6,766,579). This doesn’t make sense to me as surely there are fewer occurrences without geospatial issues than occurrences in total, or am I missing something?

Hi Adam

It seems the difference might be due to the downloads being two days apart and more data have come in between those two days. I redid the downloads today and the more restrictive filter does yield a lower record count: Download and Download

Aha! I should have expected this but didn’t realise the data was updated so frequently. Thanks!

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