Mixing of DwC class terms in DwCA files

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as my organization further explores using DwCA to package biotic data, there is a common question that i get asked and am a little unsure about.

we understand that DwCA files are separated by DwC term classes with each file representing a linked class of those class terms. it seems that many data sets do mix other class terms in those class files though… for example, if one has an DwCA file that represents Occurrences but one has Location terms in those records instead of linking to a Location class file.

is this ideal? is it mostly a convenience that avoids the linking complexity? is it only important that the data structure be navigable and be consistent?

appreciate any insight

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Hi @charlie.garrettjones

If I understand correctly, you would like to generate Darwin Core Archives? (Darwin Core text guide - Darwin Core)
The way the terms are categorised here Darwin Core quick reference guide - Darwin Core doesn’t necessarily reflects the way those terms can be grouped in a Darwin Core Archive.

Perhaps this short introduction to dataset classes could be useful: How to choose a dataset class on GBIF? - GBIF Data Blog?

In any case, I suggest to check out how IPTs (IPT) generate Darwin Core Archives as well as check the IPT manual: Darwin Core Archives – How-to Guide :: GBIF IPT User Manual.
This can give you a good idea of the format and terms supported for different dataset classes on GBIF. You are very welcome to ask for an account on our test IPT: https://ipt.gbif.org by writing to helpdesk@gbif.org

You can also ask questions on the TDWG Q&A repository here: Issues · tdwg/dwc-qa · GitHub

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have more questions.

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