DwC to Frictionless Data Package

Dear GBIF colleagues,

FYI, I received a grant from Open Knowledge Foundation to build a conversion tool from DarwinCore Archive to Frictionless Data Package.

Here is the OKF blog announcing the project.
You’ll find more explanations on github.

I’ll be working on this during my free time and the tool should be ready by the end of 2019. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have remarks on the subject.
Best regards


Hi @andre, I’m curious about your blog post reference to this frictionless data package “offering new perspectives to the GBIF community of data publishers and users.”

Can you provide some examples of what this data format offers? What are the benefits? Curious minds want to know.

For example, I notice a nested data structure is possible. Does this mean this format supports (or could better enable support of) many-to-many relationships (which the DwC-A does not)?

I see that your use cases are currently all generated by the IPT (except for the Plazi one). I understand your point about better support for more automated data validation checks using this method. But, still wondering what else it provides?

In anticipation, thanks for insights.


Indeed Frictionless Data allows to described the relationships between your CSV tables, which offers to go beyond the DwC star schema limitations.
But my idea to convert DwCA into Frictionless Data Package is primarily to enable GBIF publishers and users to benefit from the fast growing set of Frictionless tools.
Beyond that, we may benefit from knowing and using Frictionless Data once we’ve demonstrate the compatibility between the two systems.

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