Making this forum easier to use

Please can we avoid having to choose a category for the post, or at least expand them beyond the terribly narrow lost of data use. publishing, and “mentors” (!?). It’s a real obstacle to new users if you force the discussion into categories that don’t always apply…

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I actually think you can leave the category field empty? (CORRECTION: it appears you can’t)

Having only a few categories was very intentional, as we didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with choices while people end up posting in the top one anyway. This being said, we can always improve and create more categories based on needs.

Ok, this was a setting that just needed enabling. You should now be able to create a topic with no category.


Great, thanks. I’d advice against making any assumptions about how people will want to categorise things (or whether they want to use categories at all). Always remove barriers and obstacles, and never, ever, make users have to think