Lygaeus Genus Backbone Taxonomy Gone

I’m not sure the right place to put this, but it looks like Lygaeus (Hemiptera) and all its species aren’t in the system anymore, so all species are marked as deleted on Nov. 29, 2021 (example:)

And all the matching observations are marked as taxon match higher rank.

I’m pretty familiar with this genus and family and I’m not aware of any revision that would have changed all of this, the only thing I can think is that there was a somewhat recent revision of a few species in Australia to a different genus, and that seems preserved. Is there another reason this could happen?

Hi, Alexis! Best if you add this to the GitHub repo where the Secretariat’s team organizes, tracks and addresses all issues like this.

For future reference, the dialog for this appears on the top right of every page on under the chat icon.

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Great! Thanks so much!

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