Informatics/data products developments and plans (presentation by Tim Robertson & Andrea Hahn)

Please use this thread to continue discussions on the presentations given by @trobertson and @ahahn on day 2 of GB27


Thank you for the excellent presentation. I would like to highlight the clustering function, which is a big step for a more integrated visualization and analysis of data. My question is related to how clustering function works on sampling-event datasets. Since there is an ID-based link (through eventID) between occurrences, is this used to cluster occurrences?


Thanks @rui.figueira

It is not but will be. Using fields like eventID, parsing and using the collector/recorder names, organismID etc are work still to do. We expect to involve others, and have a postponed secondment yet-to-start with Nicky N from Kew to help enrich this area.

I should have also said that at the moment, it is linking records across datasets. Most eventID based clustering (not all) will likely be within a dataset.

There are some clustering example links in the news item

I should also mention that you can explore events on already, but that is not a clustering annotation. Here is an example sampling event which shows the taxonomic diversity of the sample.

Dear Tim, Andrea,
Thank you for these highlights and demos.
Could you share the timeline of Hosted Portals Pilots call?

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Clustering looks great! --Just wanted to highlight that Occurrences with different basisOfRecord are most often not “duplicates” – such as MaterialSamples taken from/liked to a PreservedSpecimen etc… and both Occurrence-records valid and not possible/easy to “lump” together (as published from source – but “clustering” is very useful).


About the demo portals, I know the first priority are country nodes…but for a region, like LAC, is it any plan to implement a regional portal? And if yes, when? :upside_down_face:
I think is important to have somenthing more than the regional meetings to the regions.


Thanks @andre,
We were aiming at getting a call for expressions of interest from nodes teams out in November

Thanks, @trobertson.
I was not aware about the cluster (and the cluster news), we will try to echo that to our community. On the events, I knew they are linked, but it will be nice for them showing up through the clustering.

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Regional portals are very much a possibility (regional, national, taxonomic, a network etc are all possible)

We aim to get a call for expressions of interest from nodes out in November, and you and collaborators would be very welcome to propose a regional pilot.


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Is this presentation/video available online for us that could not attend the G27?

Thanks to Anabela about translations. I’m already available to help traducting in French if needed.

There’s a link in the first post of the thread now: Informatics/data products developments and plans (presentation by Tim Robertson & Andrea Hahn)

Thank you Tim & Andrea, excellent progress and plans. Please extend my congratulations to the whole team.

From SiB Colombia we will be attentive to participate in the Hosted Portals Pilots and feedback of the new functionalities.

Great job!

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The Netherlands is definitely interested in piloting the hosted portals. Great work!

Hello, I am a bit lost and cannot find direct links to an example hosted/national portal. Could anyone post one ore more here, please? The Polish Node may be interested in taking part in a piloting project.

Apologies for the late response, Piotr, I hope this still comes in time. The most recent resource would be Tim’s demo contained in The hosted portals theme (slide) starts at 17:00, while the demo is appended and starting from 18:50. Assuming you by now received the communication circulated to the Nodes community as well.

Hello Andrea,
Thanks for the reply, however this is the same link as in the first post of Daniel. Actually I was asking rather for a link to a live demo site, to be able to interact directly and see the functionalities, filters and interface. Is it possible?

Here are the links mentioned in the demo:

This is it. Thanks, Daniel!