Guidance and training for sequence-derived occurrence data (presentation by Dmitry Schigel)

(Please use this thread to continue discussions on the presentation given by @dschigel on day 2 of GB27)

Link to presentation video:

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Thank you @dschigel for the presentation.
I want to know about the plans for the future training workshop (virtual, in person) and how are the plans for translations of those trainings.


Thanks @Anabela. The course is in cooking and we develop, together with BioDATA project, a four days programme. As you can imagine, it will be an intro course, and we have already translated some BioDATA materials. As all GBIF course, this GBIF - BOLD course, when ready, will be available in a free “grab & teach” mode, in the original English version or as translations. There will be i) slides ii) student materials and iii) teacher materials to translate.

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Great! And yes, we’re going to need an intro course.
Are you planning to conduct some workshop for train the trainners?

Initially there will be teachers / trainers from GBIF network, but yes, good idea, and I think in this case, if teachers / trainers already have GBIF and BOLD experiences, train-the-training could be virtual, but the course onsite or virtual.