Identifications extension for determination history in search result downloads


Myself and Chandra Earl @sunray1 work with the NEON Biorepository Collections data. In doing so, we discovered that the information in the identification history files (identifications.csv extensions in the DwC archives) is not represented in downloads of GBIF search results. They do show up in the detailed view of a single occurrence. We’re basically just curious why this extension is not being treated in the same way that something like the multimedia file is, and if there are plans to make it downloadable in the future.


Hi @kmyule you can download extensions via the GBIF Occurrence download API: API Downloads :: Technical Documentation. See also the download format descriptions: Occurrence download formats :: Technical Documentation

@mgrosjean Thank you! Since there are so many different possible extensions, I can see that it does makes sense that they wouldn’t all be automatically included in a web download. We’re glad to see that all of the extensions are accessible to users of the API!

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