How to use data validator through the API?

Can I use the GBIF API to get taxonomic breakdown for a species (“Genus species” in a column name as specified in the data-validator) list ( the same work as Data validator) from a Python notebook using pandas? And how? Any nudges towards documentation customized for Python would be nice.

Thank you

Hi @zzzhenya there is no API available for the data validator.
That being said, if you aim to “normalise names” (e.g. match names against the GBIF backbone taxonomy and get the higher classification for a given name), you can use the GBIF Species API (GBIF species API).
You can find more information about how this API works here: (Almost) everything you want to know about the GBIF Species API - GBIF Data Blog.
I also have an example in Python here for the macth API: Small-scripts-using-GBIF-API/ at master · ManonGros/Small-scripts-using-GBIF-API · GitHub

Thank you so much! This information is great!

After asking the question, I searched more and found this: GitHub - gbif/pygbif: GBIF Python client
It accesses the same backbone database as the API right?

Thanks again for the quick response.

Yes the name_backbone function in PyGBIF uses the GBIF Backbone taxonomy (the same that the Species match API uses).

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Thank you very much for the support!! :star_struck:

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