How to get first place and date of publication of a species?

Hi there,
I am struggling to find how to get the first place and date of publication of a given species using R or Python. I am quite sure this information is available (see Paspalum notatum Flüggé, 1810). I have a list of species and would like to get the information we can see in the web site as “Published in” for each one of the species.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with that.

Hi Bianca,

The information is available in the publishedIn field, available through the species API, e.g.,

"key": 2705621,
"publishedIn": "Flüggé. In: Gram. Monogr., Paspalum: 106. (1810).",

I’m not an expert on using the species API in either R or Python, but rgbif can get to the information you need like this:

> name_backbone(name='Paspalum notatum', rank='species')
# A tibble: 1 x 22
  usageKey scientificName       canonicalName  rank   status  confidence matchType kingdom phylum   order  family genus species   kingdomKey phylumKey classKey orderKey familyKey genusKey speciesKey synonym class 
*    <int> <chr>                <chr>          <chr>  <chr>        <int> <chr>     <chr>   <chr>    <chr>  <chr>  <chr> <chr>          <int>     <int>    <int>    <int>     <int>    <int>      <int> <lgl>   <chr> 
1  2705621 "Paspalum notatum F~ Paspalum nota~ SPECI~ ACCEPT~         98 EXACT     Plantae Tracheo~ Poales Poace~ Pasp~ Paspalum~          6   7707728      196     1369      3073  2705540    2705621 FALSE   Lilio~

to get the right key and then:

> name_usage(key=2705621)$data$publishedIn
[1] "Fl<U+00FC>gg<U+00E9>. In: Gram. Monogr., Paspalum: 106. (1810)."

There might be an easier way, but this should work…

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