How is iNaturalist data identified?

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Apologies for what seems like a very basic question, but should I be using institutionCode == iNaturalist to select all iNat observations in a DWCA table? This seems correct, but I noticed I would get different subsets if I used publisher ==, or datasetName == iNaturalist research-grade observations.

Looking at the web search page, I think there are six different publishers using the iNaturalist institutionCode, and eight separate datasetName values. If Iā€™m doing a global macroecological study, should I scoop them all up via institutionCode, or should I be excluding some of the smaller subsets?


Safest bet is to use datasetKey == ā€œ50c9509d-22c7-4a22-a47d-8c48425ef4a7ā€

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