Downloading iNaturalist from GBIF

I am currently trying to download iNaturalist data from GBIF and am realizing not all research grade observations are transferring over, even though they meet the research grade standards and have been posted prior to the last update. Is there a way to fix this lack of data transfer from my end, or is it an automatic data transfer issue?
Context: trying to download observational data from a specific area in Canada for monitoring research.

Could it be the licensing on those records as GBIF only allows CC0, CC BY and CC BY-NC?

Otherwise, I would check with iNaturalist as they control which records are shared with GBIF.

Concrete examples of records that were expected but are not included would help to verify, but yes - this is most likely due to licensing. Records registered in iNaturalist under “all rights reserved”, for example, would not be propagated to GBIF. Also see Questions re. use of iNaturalist data in research: GBIF exports, licenses of observations - General - iNaturalist Community Forum

Yes, I believe that it is the copyright status that is affecting this issue! Thank you for your help!

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