Got People Data? Want personal / collection / institution credit and impact data? Of course you do

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A new paper out as of yesterday:

Workshop Report: Supporting inclusive and sustainable collections-based research infrastructure for systematics (SISRIS). Weeks Andrea, Collins Elizabeth, Majors Twanelle W, Murrell Zack E, Paul Deborah L, Sheik Matthew, Shorthouse David P, Zeringue-Krosnick Shawn (2024) in Research Ideas and Outcomes 10: e126532. Workshop Report: Supporting inclusive and sustainable collections-based research infrastructure for systematics (SISRIS)

Natural history and science collections are as much about the people who create them as they are about the specimens. Documenting the contributions of collectors and identifiers both past and present: 1) advances collections-based research and 2) creates a more accurate and inclusive historical and future networked account (think metrics and impact) of biodiversity science. This report published 20 May describes our efforts to move the systematics community to action through a series of US national workshops and symposia. The goal was to spotlight the power of “people-data” that can be leveraged using next-generation biodiversity informatics tools.

  • Cool related SISRIS graphic links to our resources repository on GitHub.
  • This Workshop Report is also open to post-publication review (we already have one).
  • Thanks to the US National Science Foundation, Division of Biological Infrastructure. “Collaborative Research: Conference: Supporting inclusive and sustainable research infrastructure for systematics (SISRIS) by connecting scientists and their specimens”. Grant No. 2247631 and 2247632.

All of us (as authors) are happy to answer any questions any of you might have and look forward to hearing how this work supports your needs to discover, show, and expand impact at multiple community levels along with the extended specimen.

Thanks much for sharing this paper in your spheres of influence! Much gratitude!

Special thanks to @dshorthouse – for Bionomia and the vision for this work.

Debbie, and all the authors

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Thank you for sharing the paper and resources! I find the document and presentations very useful! Thanks for the screenshots on the document, it makes it really easy to follow!

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Greetings Ming, Thanks for reading our paper and for the feedback. We’d be pleased to answer any questions you might have and of course, we look forward to seeing how others in the broader community make use of our efforts and the possibilities Bionomia gives us. And of course, make possible because of Identifeirs!, that is GBIF dataset DOIs, ORCiDs, and Wikidata Q numbers specifically.

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