Frictionless Darwin Core

Dear all,

I’m very pleased to announce the first release of FrictionlessDarwinCore. A Python package that automatically converts DarwinCore Archives into Frictionless Data Packages, giving immediate access to the ecosystem of Frictionless software.
This Python3 package encapsulates DarwinCore specificities and offers user-friendly command-line interface(CLI). DwC archives can be loaded from a local path or downloaded from a URL.
I invite you to discover my tool and more broadly get acquainted with Frictionless Data specifications and tools.

The original idea get granted by the Frictionless Data Tool Fund organized by Open Knowledge Foundation.

see GitHub repository and contribute by raising any issues you’d like.

Enjoy and share,
André Heughebaert


Congratulations André.

This looks like an excellent utility to maximise the portability of existing datasets in DwC-A format and also to start exploring how we can evolve from the limitations that the DwC-A format imposes (namely the star schema).


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