Connecting media resources published in Arbimon to GBIF

Hi, we have a publisher that have already uploaded their data to Arbimon, including sounds and occurrences.
They want to publish part of this information through GBIF, but we couldn’t find the persistent link to the media in the web page.

I contacted Arbimon support and they told me you can have a single url for every record but it does not play audio, it only shows the media in a text format. So it looks that it isn’t useful for connect that with GBIF.

We were wondering if someone has experience publishing data in Arbimon and connecting it to a resource in GBIF.
Or if you know it isn’t possible and we have to upload the media to another repository like internet Archive.

Thanks for any input you can give us,

Hi Esteban- I tested this out with Steve Baskauf and it seems like there might be a browser dependent issue with opening the link so it plays the recording. When I open it in Chrome or Edge it shows an unreadable set of text characters but when I open it in Firefox it opens correctly with a web player in which you can play the recording. Hope this helps!

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@abbybenson and Steve, thank you very much! This really helped us, we were hopeless and were going to publish the resource without media, but we ended publishing it with all the information. I leave the link of the resource here for future references Acoustic monitoring in nature travel destinations of Colombia

Thansk again and have a wonderful day,

One quick follow up. Steve sent this to me via email this morning:

I think maybe I know what the problem is. I put the URl into Postman to see what kind of Content-Type was being returned in the response header with the file. I got “application/json; charset=utf-8”, which is clearly wrong in this case – the response isn’t JSON. So probably if the browser is depending on the Content-Type header, it display’s the file incorrectly, but if it depends on the file extension (.WAV), it gets it right.

Probably somebody should tell the developers of Arbimon to fix this. I don’t know if GBIF depends on correct headers or not to determine that they should be using a media player in their display. They also could either depend on the content type submitted with the media metadata rather than on what comes from the response.


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