Best way go suggest/flag taxomoni edits?

Hi. I am sure this must be written somewhere, but I simply get lost in all the information.
What is the best way to to flag/ask about errors in taxonomi (if that is even what it is)?

It relates to Isoetes lacustris L. when search also includes Isoetes tenella Léman and Isoetes setacea Lam.:

However, I cannot find any documentation that Isoetes tenella Léman and Isoetes setacea Lam. should be considered synonyms to Isoetes lacustris L…

Thank you in advance.


I suspect that GBIF follows Catalogue of Life which follows World Plants. Other sources seems to regard the species as valid. Unfortunately World Plants doesn’t give any sources for decisions to treat names as synonyms.

However, a bit of Googling uncovered “Disentangling Isoetes setacea and removing threats to Isoetes echinospora which discusses these names. In an ideal world all this would be linked together so you would be able to see the evidence for each synonym. We’re not there yet.

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