All gbif taxon data

I would all the gbif taxon data in CSV or another format for a website. Is it available please ?
Thank you.

Hi there,

You can download the GBIF backbone taxonomy as a DwC-Archive:

Or—if you only interested in taxa for which GBIF has known occurrences, you can download a species list from here:


Thank you but I see in taxon.tsv that there are 6 500 000 of taxa but in your website it is precied that there are 1 500 000 000 taxa ?!

and for your second list I get a 500 error

The backbone currently has ~3.5M accepted names. In addition, there are ~2.1M synonyms plus names with other statuses (see the browser here:

The number of occurrence records, i.e. evidence of a given taxon at a specific time and place, is currently 1.4B (

oh I succeeded to open your second link
why there are only 6 000 000 taxa in the first link and 1 500 000 000 in the second ?
is mysql supports the integration of second simple dataset ?

The first number is NAMES of taxa—the second number is OCCURRENCES of taxa.

Programmatic access is also available through the GBIF API:

what are occurences please ?

An occurrence is a record of evidence of a given taxon at a specific time and place. These can be derived from e.g. museum specimens (example) or citizen science (example) projects.

OK thank you so the 6 000 000 records dataset is enough for me, my server doesn’t has the capacity for the second dataset

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