Accessing API images without downloads in occurrence API

I’m building a database application of Fungi occurrences and their information all over the world. I tried accessing the images on the server-side but always ended up with broken images and 404 errors. As the API I am using has different image formats / Urls, it is proving difficult of finding a way of including them all without issues. Although the network is recognising the images, it does not actually show them. I was wondering if anyone developed an API here and knows the best way of accessing image data using JavasScript?

This is the API I am using:

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you can try to add mediaType=StillImage to the request?

The link to the image is under the key “media”, then “identifier”

I’m not sure I fully understand the question.

But I can think of three things:

  1. A frequent issue with images is that the servers block you if you try to download many images as the same time. In those cases you have to slow down.

  2. Images are not hosted one central place, but where the publishers have located them. In some cases the images have been deleted since.

  3. You should also be aware that the media field also includes audio and video. So you have to filter the media list for "type": "StillImage",

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