Where to put a location GUID for access from the occurrence API?

I’m creating a GBIF client that needs to get location GUIDs from the occurrence API. These are the location GUIDs that our installation of Specify assigns prior to transfer to GBIF. This would allow associations that my client database makes with locations to survive changes subsequently made to locality names within Specify (such as to correct typos).

Is there a field I can put this for transfer to GBIF and access from the occurrence API?

I suspect I could append the GUID to eventRemarks, but I’m reluctant to clutter this field because we use it frequently for habitat notes.

Will the occurrence API return DwC georeferenceSources or georeferenceRemarks?

Hi @jtlapp it sound like you could map your GUIDs to the locationID term: Darwin Core quick reference guide - Darwin Core. Note that you won’t be able to search occurrences by locationID but the locationID information is accessible via the API. See this example: https://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/1417663196

@mgrosjean, that’s perfect! How did I miss that? Thank you so much!

And thanks for providing an example showing I could retrieve it via the occurrence API.

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