Using ResourceRelationship to connect parts of the same plant

Hi all,

Our Plants collection has a number of records for separate parts of the same specimen/occurrence - for example, a fern that was too large for a single sheet and so has been cut up and mounted and stored separately.

For example:

How do I express the relationships between these records using ResourceRelationship? I can see three options:

1 object, 4 subjects

  • /A is always the object, and then 4 rows with each of the others as the subject
  • /A is explicitly connected to the others, and the /B to /C (etc) relationship is implicit

5 objects, 5 subject

  • Each record gets 4 rows to relate it to the others explicitly
  • A is object for B, C, D, E as subjects; B is object for A, C, D, E; C is object for A, B, D, E and so on

Same as above, but without repeats

  • Assumes it doesn’t matter which is the subject or object since it’s the same plant
  • A is object for B, C, D, E; B is only object for C, D, E; C is only object for D, E etc

How do people tend to structure these?


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