There are 10k downloads per month on GBIF

As the new data analyst at GBIF I was asked to compute some statistics on download usage.

I posted what I found here:

gbif stats


This is extremely interesting! Thanks for posting, @jwaller!

I was so-o-o-o sure that the peaks on the top users chart would coincide with two occasions when automated download requests from single users went wrong—but no, not a bit of it.

It’s also helpful to see the analysis of a consistent bias in total downloads whether we filter ‘large-grab’ downloads out or not. I’ve worried some about the figure we include on the standard ‘by the numbers’ slide showing ‘Average records downloaded per month’.

Hope others smarter and more numerate than I weigh in on these—but meanwhile, I think the interactive chart is v. nice :sunglasses:

+1 on the interactive charts! We’ll use these for the next round of global trends, right? :slight_smile:

Maybe we should introduce @jwaller to Morten and Thomas…the online country report wouldn’t be an inappropriate place for a little of that magic.