Sampling events

A topic added by GBIF Portugal in Zoom session 4

In addition to reply to @rui.figueira given by @trobertson I would like to add that we observe a growing demand in sampling event data from the science-policy front, including GEO BON / EBVs work. Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) needs good data content to make them work. Specifically, sampling event data, coming from ecology research and motoring, is essential for some of the EBVs as these data are often quantitative or presence-absence and enable statistical interpretations, indicators, EBVs not possible with presence-only data.

In addition, particular data holding communities have been in touch recently expressing interest or already sharing sampling event data. To name a few these are Living Norway (with support from GBIF Norway and Anders Finstad in SC), NEON (encouraged by GBIF USA), and BioTIME. Worldwide, GBIF has arguably the strongest potential to become the “ecology data machine” thanks to DOI based citations and close links to standards developing community.


This paper (with some familiar co-authors) might offer an interesting contribution to this discussion…