Review of the Latimer Core (LtC) collection descriptions data standard

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For those who aren’t already aware, the public review phase of the Latimer Core (LtC) collection descriptions data standard has now opened!

LtC is a new TDWG data standard that’s intended to be complimentary to specimen-level standards like Darwin Core, providing a common way to structure and share higher-level information about groups of collection objects, from whole-institution collections through thematic and historic collections and even down to the contents of single drawer. There’s considerable overlap with the concepts and data in the GRSciColl schema and plans, and so GRSciColl is exploring the use of LtC as part of the roadmap.

The TDWG LtC group is very keen to get input from the GRSciColl community, and encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about the new standard, join the discussions and provide feedback! For more information on how to get involved, please check out the review announcement on the TDWG website, or go directly to the Latimer Core documentation online.

As a reminder, the GRSciColl data Schema review is open until the 22nd of December 2023. See this new item. Reviewers are welcome to convey that they would like the terms and definitions to align with Latimer Core. And let me know if a deadline extension is needed. Thank you!


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