Multiple values for a DarwinCore Archive field like reproductiveCondition

We’re considering adding values for the field in iNaturalist’s DarwinCore Archives. Assuming GBIF uses that field, how should we specify multiple values? For example, if an observation shows a plant that has both flowers and fruit, it might have annotations on iNat of Flowering and Fruiting. In the DwC-A CSV should we could specify that as pipe-separated values, e.g. Flowering|Fruiting, or as something else. I guess there are a few questions here

  1. Does GBIF use the reproductiveCondition field?
  2. Are multiple values supported for this field or any field?
  3. What is the convention for specifying multiple values?

Thanks, @kueda - please add it with pipe separation (| is the general recommendation from DwC for all multi-value fields).

It’s not a searchable term in GBIF today but will show on records and be available in downloads.
It could become searchable as data and demand grow though.

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Cool, lifeStage, sex, and reproductiveCondition are now in our DwC-A and have been integrated into GBIF. Occurrence Detail 1838025153 is an example showing two of them, and you can now search for caterpillars from iNat.


If it helps, we manage the LifeStage vocabulary here. Please shout if you see concepts missing, or wish to use that content from the API.

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