How to create a checklist record with a negative date?

The domestic cat was introduced before christ in these parts, how would you encode this on a checklist in DarwinCore?

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The taxon core would be:

alien-mammals-checklist:taxon:f1f1a32768b381663234cafe4d2dac22	alien-mammals-checklist:taxon:f1f1a32768b381663234cafe4d2dac22	Felis catus Linnaeus, 1758	Animalia	Chordata	Carnivora	Felidae	Felis	species	ICZN	en	INBO	INBO	Checklist of alien mammals of Belgium

And the distribution extension:

alien-mammals-checklist:taxon:f1f1a32768b381663234cafe4d2dac22	ISO_3166-2:BE-VLG	Flemish Region	BE	present	introduced	established	pet	-753/2024	753 voor Christus tot 476 na Christus (Romeinse periode)

Thanks to Matt I’ve found this github issue: eventDate for historical datasets with negative date (BC) · Issue #785 · gbif/pipelines · GitHub

However, we are dealing with Checklist data, not occurrences.