How do you represent 24 hours in

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Myself and others are working on a template/data standard for the bee monitoring community. The Wild Bee Data Standard is intended to help align bee monitoring efforts in the US. We have a few questions but the first is how to represent a 24 hour interval in eventTime correctly. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Hi @seltmann! I’m the GBIF-US node manager. In general, GBIF-US is here as a resource for the US community, so don’t be afraid to reach out with other questions you may have as you develop your template (

I believe eventTime woud limit you to a time interval within a single day, but I would appreciate it if others confirmed my belief. In the meantime, you may want to consider using eventDate to describe the interval. This has the advantage of including the date, so the interval can cross days, e.g:


If it’s on a single day, I believe you can use 00:00:00Z/24:00:00Z to represent midnight of day1 to midnight on day2. See the ISO 8601 Wiki for a bit more detail: ISO 8601 - Wikipedia


I think eventDate is probably the better choice here

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