GBIF JIRA seems to be gone

Was trying to log into GBIF JIRA recently to check on a conversation. Seems the JIRA is gone. Did issue tracking move somewhere else?

Hey @sckott - all issues are tracked in GitHub now. If you have a JIRA issue number, I can check for you…

Thanks, mostly just wanted to confirm that it was not just me. No specific issues at this time. Thanks

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Just confirmed that the JIRA system was taken offline about two months ago, when it would have been necessary to update the server it was on. It had lain dormant for many months, as we moved issues to GitHub in August 2017 following a lengthy transition period.

Thanks for that. Are the issues spread across many Github repos? Or all in one?

My understanding is that the majority of open JIRA issues went into the portal-feedback bucket, except when they had obvious and direct links to other work.

We also tried to close as many out as possible so that migration wasn’t necessary.

thanks for the help, makes sense

I went through all JIRA issues that was labelled as web and moved those that was still relevant to the portal16 repo and linked to the origin e.g. . A search for issues across repos gives only 41 issues though.