Designating undescribed species

Does GBIF have a way to designate undescribed species? I haven’t found the appropriate mechanism in Darwin Core.

For example, uploading a specificEpithet of “sp. TX-24” results in a blank value for specificEpithet via the occurrence API.

I know I can put text in identificationRemarks, but is there a standard way to do this? It would help to know that it’s undescribed, and it would help even more to know which of multiple undescribed species in that genus it is, according to our own designations.

Context: We plan to upload data from our Specify6 database to GBIF and then populate a website by reading this data back from GBIF.

I agree the situation is suboptimal at this stage. Dealing with non perfect Linnean scientific names needs more work. BUT you can always use any full scientificName without breaking it apart into several fields/terms. So dwc:scientificName=Yourgenus sp. TX-24 should work just fine. In fact it seems to even parse fine:

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