Are taxon exclusions in search possible?

New here. I made a brief search before posting this question, but didn’t see an obvious answer in the first page or two of replies. Is it possible to search a particular taxon with an exclusion? e.g., return all Chordata occurrences that are NOT Aves?

Ed Morris

Hi @edrmorris,

The download API allows you to build more complex query including excluding specific taxa. See this example: Not a bird download - GBIF Data Blog - #2 by mgrosjean.

If you are new to the API, I suggest checking our Data Use Club recorded webinar on the topic. See the video here: Data use club - practical session 3 - recording and resources

You can also check our API beginner blogpost: GBIF API beginners guide - GBIF Data Blog

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any question.

Note that there is no way to exclude taxa in the search API nor on the GBIF website.

Thank you very much/Merci beaucoup, Marie.


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