Node Manager mentoring


We introduced this topic in our mentoring webinar yesterday.

The idea is that when a new node manager is appointed, the Secretariat will inform the group of mentors, and request a volunteer to act as a node manager mentor to provide guidance around the establishment of the new node. We consider that node manager mentoring can become a powerful additional means of support, ensuring that new nodes are established with a strong foundation and a view to their sustainability.

We are working now on defining a role for node manager mentors in the GBIF community, heading into a trial period for the rest of 2018. We have an outline available in this document.

Thanks to @DagEndresen and @cjk for adding their comments to the document. All mentors and nodes are welcome contribute to the document or share your views here!


I see mentoring as aligned with a larger goal of ensuring that data publishers (and data users) in any GBIF member country will receive more or less the same set of at least basic data publishing support from the combined GBIF Community. If such support services are provided via a mentor Node could (optimally) be “hidden” for data publishers for a more seamless experience of GBIF as one thing - and (as far as possible) not different things depending on the home country of the data publisher…

If others agree, using mentoring in this manner might be described in the Participant Node guidelines, best practices and/or Nodes terms of reference…?


I like the idea of including mentoring in the guidelines and best practices. That seems like a good way to make sure that new managers find the support they need to get started.

Also, why mentoring only for new node managers? I may have been a manager for many years, but I know that there are others who still might teach me something new. Is there a way to make it possible for a structured (possibly short-term) mentoring to occur for existing managers?